How Many Spare Tires Do You Need for Overlanding?

How Many Spare Tires Do You Need for Overlanding? (Essential Guide for Safe Adventure)

Overlanding adventures, have you been on one? If you’re like me, the thrill of the open road and untamed wilderness beckons. With the hum of your rugged, off-road vehicle beneath you, there’s no limit to the destinations you can reach. But wait, what’s that thump, thump, thump? A flat tire! Now you’re probably wondering, “how many spare tires do I need for overlanding?”

It’s a common question, one that I myself have contemplated on my countless journeys into the wild. Lucky for you, I’ve got an answer. Not just a quick fix, but a real, lasting solution for those unexpected tire troubles. Because, dear fellow adventurer, we’re in this together. So buckle up and let’s dive into the ins and outs of spare tires for overlanding.

The Necessity of Spare Tires in Overlanding

When you’re out on the trail, amidst nature’s raw beauty, the last thing you want is a flat tire that could potentially hinder your journey. This is why carrying spare tires when overlanding is of utmost importance. But how many should you carry?

Pros and Cons of Carrying Spare Tires for Overlanding

Carrying spare tires has obvious advantages. Firstly, they provide a reliable solution to unexpected tire failures. Plus, a full-size spare can help maintain your vehicle’s performance and stability, especially crucial when you’re driving on uneven terrains.

However, there are also some downsides. Spare tires add weight to your vehicle and take up space that could be utilized for other essential equipment. Also, if the spare tire is not stored properly, it could be difficult to access when you really need it.

Possibility of Driving with Two Spare Tires in Overlanding

Many overlanders wonder whether or not they should carry two spare tires. Based on my experience, carrying two spares, a full-size identical spare and a smaller factory spare, can be beneficial for long expeditions. However, remember that the added weight and space are something you need to consider.

What the Overlanding Community Says?

Overlanding is a community-led activity, and the experiences of other overlanders can provide valuable insights. Let’s see what the community says about spare tires.

Spare Tire Recommendations from Overlanding Reddit Discussions

I’ve noticed in various Reddit discussions that the majority of overlanders recommend carrying at least one full-size spare tire. Most of them suggest using a tire repair kit as well. They believe that this combination allows you to manage tire-related issues more effectively without having to carry multiple spare tires.

Carrying Two Spare Tires: Yay or Nay?

There are mixed opinions about carrying two spare tires among the overlanding community. While some overlanders prefer to have the extra security of a second spare, others believe that one spare tire, along with a good tire repair kit, is sufficient.

Essential Tire Equipment for Overlanding

Besides spare tires, there are other crucial tire-related equipment you should carry when overlanding.

Importance of a Tire Jack and Full-Sized Spare

A full-sized spare is indispensable for overlanding. Unlike a temporary spare, a full-sized spare can be used without worrying about the distance or speed restrictions. Also, don’t forget about the importance of a good tire jack. When you need to change a tire in the middle of nowhere, a tire jack is a lifesaver.

Overlanding Tire Repair Kit: Why You Need One

A tire repair kit is an essential piece of gear that can help you fix minor punctures and prolong the life of your tires, making it possible for you to continue your journey. It’s recommended to carry a comprehensive kit that includes items like tire plugs, patches, and a tire sealant.

FAQs on Spare Tires for Overlanding

To sum everything up, here are some frequently asked questions about spare tires for overlanding:

Do I Need a Spare Tire for Overlanding?

Yes, carrying at least one full-size spare tire is recommended for overlanding. It provides a reliable solution to unexpected tire failures.

Can You Drive a Car with 2 Spare Tires?

Yes, you can, but it’s not always necessary. For most expeditions, one spare tire and a tire repair kit will be enough. However, for longer or more remote trips, carrying a second spare can provide extra security.

How big of tires do I need for overlanding?

The size of your tires will depend on your vehicle and the terrain you plan to explore. Bigger tires can provide better ground clearance for off-roading. But remember, bigger isn’t always better. Too large tires can put extra strain on your vehicle.

Can you drive on a dirt road with a spare tire?

Yes, but it’s not ideal, especially if you’re using a temporary spare. These are not designed for long distances or high speeds. If you find yourself needing to use a spare on a dirt road, drive slowly and carefully.


To conclude, how many spare tires you need for overlanding will depend on your specific situation. However, carrying at least one full-size spare and a tire repair kit is generally a good idea. Remember, overlanding is about enjoying the journey. So, be prepared, and you’ll be able to handle any bumps in the road that come your way.